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“How Do I Know if I Have Pink Eye?”

A telehealth visit with an Ophthalmologist can help. † If you woke up with red, itchy eyes and arenít sure if you might have something contagious Ė a telehealth visit with an ophthalmologist could be your first step to fast relief. Red, itchy eyes, with or without drainage, are a symptom of several common eye conditions. Some, like Pink Eye and COVID conjunctivitis, are contagious; others like allergic conjunctivitis, are not. Itís never a good idea to self-diagnose, even with the help of Dr. Google and the internet. A telehealth visit with a licensed doctor is a safe and effective alternative to diagnosis and treat a variety of ocular symptoms. Itís no surprise that telemedicine has taken center stage for many medical specialties, especially during the current COVID crisis. The power of virtual triage Triage is a recognized strategy for managing healthcare surges. Especially in the age of COVID, reducing face-to-face consultations helps protect patients, doctors, and the wider community. Potential infections or emergencies can be screened by virtual exams to determine if an in-office visit is needed, avoiding potential exposure in waiting areas. Non-emergent conditions like dry eye, blepharitis, and allergies can all be easily diagnosed with a telemedicine

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