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The No-Drop High Definition Cataract Experience

What is No-Drop Surgery?

Traditionally, patients undergoing cataract surgery are required to adhere to a post-operative regimen that includes several different types of eye drops, used for 3-4 weeks. These drops reduce the risk of inflammation and infection, and are a critical part of ensuring successful outcomes. However, complications arise when cataract patients miss scheduled doses, are unable to instill the drops, and become confused with the schedule. Not to mention the cost of drops which can be as high as $300-600, depending on insurance reimbursement and prescription plans.

No-Drop Cataract Surgery, involves using a sterile, compounded formulation of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory deposited into the eye at the time of surgery. The time-released delivery of the drugs helps fight infection and inflammation during the recovery period. Administering the medication at the time of surgery eliminates concerns about patient compliance associated with the use of traditional eye drops.

In the last decade, research in two major European studies showed statistically significant improvement in the decrease of a potentially blinding post-operative infection called endophthalmitis. As of 2010, only 23% of U.S. surgeons used intracameral antibiotics despite 5-fold decrease in post-operative endophthalmitis, while nearly 80% of European surgeons had adopted the technique.

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