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NEW! Lumenis Lasers for the latest in skin tightening, rejuvenation and hair removal.

Our roster of laser treatments offer cutting-edge technology to give you amazing results. Whether you’re interested in firming, toning, hair removal — or all of the above — our advanced laser system can be used singly or together to create a whole new you.

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NuEra Tight ™ Skin Tightening

NuEra Tight ™ is an advanced treatment therapy using a non-ablative Radio Frequency (RF) modality. This temperature-controlled RF uses deep heating technology, tailored to your body shape and areas of need. With NuEra Tight ™, see smoother skin from head to toe, as well as reduced cellulite.

Splendor X Painless Hair Removal & Vein Therapy

For quick, effective, and safe hair removal and permanent hair reduction, Splendor X laser hair removal is your top option. Suitable for all skin tones, including deeply tanned skin, Splendor X can be used on any area of the body and for any type of hair from straight to curly. This dual-wavelength laser treatment delivers results safely, reliably, and comfortably — potentially even from the first treatment!

Legend PRO Skin Rejeuvenation

This highly effective treatment combines two clinically-proven treatment technologies to reach and rejuvenate multiple layers of skin. This combination gets at the causes of aging skin, using both macro and micro thermals to trigger the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the facial skin. Results are immediately noticeable, right from the very first treatment.

Geneo  3-Step Super Oxygenation Facial

For a targeted rejuvenation treatment, look no further than Geneo’s multistep super facial. This three in one therapy refreshes both the inside and the outside of your skin, stimulating natural renewal. Treatment with the Geneo process provides a way to maintain your skin’s healthy, smooth appearance, as well as targeting specific skin conditions. It also cultivates the improvement of your skin after any surgical procedures.

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