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Vitamins & Supplements for Healthy Eyes

Eyes need nutrients to keep them healthy. Because they are specially designed by nature to help your eyes function at full power. And once they’re in your bloodstream, they go right to their targets – right to the places in your eyes that need it the most.

TheraTears Omega-3 Supplement 1200mg


Size: 90 capsules/30 day supply

While TheraTears lubricant eye drops work from the outside, TheraTears Nutrition (omega-3 supplement with optimized flaxseed/fish oil blend) taken by mouth, works from the inside. The oil glands in your eyelids use essential fatty acids to manufacture the oil layer of the tear film. TheraTears Nutrition provides the omega-3s your oil glands need to make the healthy oil that coats your tear film to reduce evaporation.* This healthy oil protects and moisturizes the eye and supports healthy tear function.* Consumption of omega-3s has also been proven to significantly reduce the risk of development of Age Related Macular Degeneration.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.