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Dr. Karen Todd First to Offer DURYSTA for Glaucoma Patients on Treasure Coast

Dr Todd prepares patient for DURYSTA glaucoma treatment
Dr Karen Todd prepares patient for DURYSTA glaucoma treatment

Dr. Karen Todd of Florida Eye Institute is the first physician on the Treasure Coast to offer DURYSTA, a sustained release implant for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma.

The new technology is a boon for patients who have difficulty using daily eyedrops required to treat the potentially blinding disease. Individuals with cognitive issues and caregivers or with underlying medical conditions like Parkinson’s are especially at risk for missed dosing.

Open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of the chronic disease, comprises 90% of cases. Fluid builds up in the front of the eye causing increased pressure which ultimately damages the optic nerve, responsible for transmitting images to the brain

This type of glaucoma is often painless but can cause severe vision loss and blindness if not treated. The most common therapy for open-angle glaucoma is prostaglandin eye drops. Unfortunately, up to 80% of patients don’t use eye drops as prescribed.

Dr. Todd, board-certified ophthalmologist fellowship trained in glaucoma admits,

“The biggest hurdles for glaucoma compliance are patients forgetting to use daily eye drops, not getting the drops in correctly, and not being able to afford the drops. The results of poor compliance can be blindness, not something we want to risk!”

Dr Todd with lead tech Jennifer Mills
Lead technician Jennifer Mills (L) and Dr. Karen Todd (C) of Florida Eye Institute performed the first successful DURYSTA treatment for Glaucoma.

Other glaucoma therapies in addition to eye drops include laser therapy and micro-stent surgery.

DURYSTA is a sustained release implant that is currently approved for 3 months, with more trials underway  “I am excited to offer this latest treatment option and know it will make a huge difference for patients,” concludes Dr. Todd.   

Based on the severity of glaucoma and other health conditions, your ophthalmologist will recommend personalized treatments for your specific needs.

To learn more about glaucoma and maintaining eye health, visit fleye.com. Florida Eye Institute has locations in Vero Beach and Sebastian. For more information call 772.500.2020

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