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Meet Our Happy Cataract Patients

Meet Cataract Surgery Patient Stephanie Nagel

“Prior to coming here, I wore glasses. And, the fact is, I don’t have any need for glasses. I probably have better vision than I ever did, thanks to Dr. Zudans and his expertise.”

Meet Cataract Surgery Patient Henry Bock

“After having the cataracts removed, it was a whole new world for me. The colors were brilliant. You could almost say, “It’s like being born all over again.” It was spectacular, and it was painless. When I come in here, it’s like coming home. Everyone’s so friendly and nice. It’s just a wonderful experience.”

Dr Zudans with Patient“I can see now! Dr. Zudans did an excellent job with my cataract surgery. I was nervous but everything went great!”

Dr Todd with PatientDr. Todd is the best in Eye Care. My eyesight is great and I feel so much younger after my cataract procedure and multifocal lens implants.”

Dr Zudans with Patient“Everything is so bright now. I’m so happy I’ve told everyone in Sebastian and half of Vero Beach!”

Dr Todd with Patient“It’s been 3 years since I had ReSTOR lenses. I wore glasses since I was eight years old – I am now 75 and only need over-the-counter sunglasses!”

Dr Todd with Patient“I dearly love my HD lenses after having surgery for cataracts. I am 20/20 without glasses. The entire surgery staff and Dr. Todd made getting my new lenses exciting and pain-free.”

Dr Zudans with Patient“It’s a miracle that I can see after 60 years! I should have done this 50 years ago. I was legally blind and could not pass a driving test. I have never seen like this in my life!” (This patient had to wear -19.00 prescription glasses before having Cataract Surgery. With precise pre-operative measurements and the experienced surgical technique of Dr. Zudans, he can now pass a driving test with no glasses at all!)

Dr Zudans with Patient“It’s mind-boggling! I always forget I don’t need my glasses anymore!”

Dr Todd with Patient“It’s so much nicer to go into an office where the Doctors and the staff are so friendly!. I love my 20/20 vision after cataract surgery!”

Dr Zudans with Patient“It’s a bright world out there! Outstanding!”
Dr Zudans with Patient“What a difference! It’s amazing. I can see things I never saw before. I’m very happy.”

Dr Todd with PatientFlorida Eye Institute came highly recommended when I moved to Vero Beach. I am so happy and pleased with the Tecnis lenses. I can read and see distance without glasses! It was one of my best decisions.”

Dr Zudans with cataract Patient“Having surgery can be frightening, but Dr. Zudans and his staff were great. They made me feel warm and fuzzy. Everyone exhibited a professional touch.I love my new eyes!”

Dr Todd with PatientDr. Todd and her staff are Class “A”! My vision has improved tremendously. Thank you Dr. Todd and the Florida Eye Institute!”
Dr Todd with Patient“Thanks to Dr.Todd and her staff I now can see great after my cataract surgery!”

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