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Today's Cataract Surgery

Improved safety, convenience and results all add up to the HD Experience at the Cataract Center of Florida Eye Institute. Our highly skilled surgeons can maximize the quality of your vision like never before with customized options, along with the best in Premium IOL lens selections.

Once it’s determined you’re an appropriate candidate, and you’ve decided to have surgery, there are important choices to make based on your vision preferences and medical history. Cataract surgery is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve your vision. Begin your HD Experience today with our Quality of Vision Questionnaire.

Our Cataract Team

Cataract surgery is considered the safest and most effective procedure performed in the US today. Restoring optimum vision with this life-changing procedure has been a primary focus of Florida Eye Institute for over 30 years. An average of 1,200 cases are performed each year in our licensed and accredited surgery center.

Every patient is unique. Our board certified surgeons are specially trained to manage complex co-conditions along with cataract surgery. Whether you have a history of LASIK, RK or corneal surgery, or are being treated for glaucoma or retina condition.

Technological advances have created a variety of (IOL) lens applications, each with unique benefits and features. Patients can now correct loss of reading vision (presbyopia) and astigmatism at the time of surgery. This can significantly reduce – or even eliminate – the need for glasses after surgery!

Patients are extremely satisfied with surgery results. According to a recent AARP study, three-quarters of cataract patients reported enjoying life more and wished they had the procedure sooner. Additionally, 85% felt well educated about the surgery, and 75% said they properly understood lens and vision options.