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Is it Coronavius or Pink Eye?

A Virtual Visit with an Ophthalmologist can help.   If you woke up with red, itchy eyes and aren’t sure if you might have something contagious – a telehealth visit with an ophthalmologist could be your first step to fast relief. Red, itchy eyes, with or without drainage, are a symptom of several common eye conditions. Some, like Pink Eye and COVID conjunctivitis, are contagious; others like allergic conjunctivitis, are not. It’s never a good idea to self-diagnose, even with the help of Dr. Google. A telehealth visit with a licensed doctor is a safe and effective alternative to diagnosis and treat a variety of eye symptoms. During the current COVID crisis, it’s no surprise telehealth has taken center stage for many medical specialties, especially ophthalmology. The power of virtual triage Triage is a recognized strategy for managing healthcare surges. Especially in the age of COVID, reducing face-to-face consultations helps protect patients, doctors, and the wider community. Potential infections or emergencies can be screened by virtual exams to determine if an in-office visit is needed, avoiding potential exposure in waiting areas. Non-emergent conditions like dry eye, blepharitis, and allergies can all be easily diagnosed with a telemedicine exam as well as

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Breakthrough Glaucoma Treatment has Patients Ditching Daily Eye Drops

Glaucoma is a common eye disease that often requires daily eye drops to reduce damaging eye pressure. Open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of the chronic disease, comprises 90% of all cases. Fluid builds up in the front of the eye causing increased pressure on the optic nerve, which is responsible for transmitting images to the brain. This type of glaucoma is often painless but can cause severe vision loss or blindness if not treated properly. The most common therapy for open-angle glaucoma is prostaglandin eye drops. Unfortunately, up to 80% of patients don’t use eye drops as prescribed. Dr. Karen Todd, board-certified ophthalmologist, fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist admits, “One of the biggest treatment barriers for glaucoma patients is the daily management of prescription eye drops. Patients forget to use drops, don’t get drops in correctly, or can’t afford to buy drops altogether. But poor compliance can lead to blindness, which is not something we’re not willing to risk!” So, it was with great anticipation that Dr. Todd was the first physician on the Treasure Coast to perform an in-office procedure using DURYSTA,  a  new dissolvable implant, in July. The tiny implant, no larger than the letter “I” on a penny,

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