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Florida Eye Institute Safely Resumes Cataract and ‘Elective’ Surgery

Have you wondered why some surgeries are considered “elective” and why your cataract surgery may have been canceled during the COVID shutdown? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, ‘elective’ does not necessarily mean ‘optional’.  Elective surgery simply means the procedure can be scheduled in advance. In the case of cataract surgery, that often means when cataract interferes with daily activities like driving, recreation, and work. But delaying cataract surgery may greatly impact patient safety. Studies show an increased risk of car accidents and hip fractures when appropriate cataract surgery is delayed. Recently, elective surgeries were canceled or postponed in Florida due to the Coronavirus pandemic to safeguard patients and to reduce the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) for medical professionals. Postponing scheduled outpatient procedures helped keep PPE available for those professionals working in front line response to COVID-19. The Executive order to resume all procedures in Florida was approved for May 4, 2020. In the coming weeks and months, you will find that additional safety precautions are implemented to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus including temperature checks, facial coverings, and social distancing in most public settings. If you are ready to reschedule your cataract surgery call (772) 500-2020

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The New Normal for Patient Safety in Eye Care

Eye care and cataract surgery have always been considered safe. In fact, of all out-patient procedures performed in the United States today, cataract surgery remains one of the safest and most frequently performed. A recent study of 200,000 Medicare beneficiaries confirmed that 99.5 percent experienced no severe postoperative complications after cataract surgery. But you may wonder how the current COVID reality changes safety considerations for those seeking eye care and surgery, especially as restrictions on out-patient surgery and medical office visits are lifted throughout the state. Florida Eye Institute is actively implementing current recommendations from the  CDC and the Florida Department of Health as our offices resume full services. Victor Basile, Administrator confirms, “This extraordinary time has fortified our mission to serve all patients, community, and staff with the utmost concern for excellence and safety. We’ve been working nonstop to update our protocols based on the latest advisories from medical experts.” During your next visit, you will notice several new procedures to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. temperature checks for patients and staff entering the facility reduced waiting room capacity for social distancing enhanced cleaning procedures masks for employees in patient care areas patients are asked to wear their own

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